Franklin D. Rosevelt’s Precidency

Please add material from a non-encyclopedia book source (see attached pages from the book  “Gould, Lewis L.  The Modern American Presidency.  Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas”

Follow format as you see the paper written.

REQUIRED : The facts presented are accurate, and the essay is well thought-out, with an Argument statement (thesis  statement)  a Body  of  Evidence,  and  a Conclusion  that  brings  the  evidence  together  to  support the Argument. (These are the ABCs of essay writing.) The writer is also able to step back and make well-informed (and of course well-cited) insights into the material, not just spitting back what they memorized from their books or notes.  Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage are superior.  Note:  there  must  be  a  citation  at  the end of every  paragraph  of  your  term  paper,  with  the  possible exception of the final, conclusion paragraph.