Manifestation Paper

No plagiarism please. Read the paper instructions carefully. Write an adaptation of charles dickens following the instructions carefully.

About this movie that i chose.
Here is the link:

it is a 1997 cartoon movie adapation of charles Dickens. the main goal is to Find and discuss an appearance (a ghostly manifestation?) of Charles Dickens in contemporary culture.  For the purposes of this assignment, lets decide that by contemporary, we mean roughly the last 30 years.  (The range of possibilities here is pretty vast: movies, television programs, objects, books, sequels, webpages, mentions in films and television, references in other writing, fan fiction, etc.  Feel free to consult with me about your choice, if you think that would be helpful, but consultation is not required.)  Spend some time cruising around the web looking for things if you dont have an object immediately in mind (and maybe even if you do).
Describe carefully the object youve chosen and its appearance; consider its context (where it appears, how it is used, to whom it is addressed, etc.).  Use it as an incitement to thought, and make a tiny argument about how contemporary culture understands or uses Charles Dickens that takes off from your thoughts about the object.  The most important part of this task is your analysis.
Be sure to tell where youve found what youre looking at.  Include images or links so that we all will be able to think about it with you.  If your object is a book or a tv show or a film, include full citation information as you would on a works cited page.

thank you and dont forget the work cited page. it is a youtube video.
No Plagiarism. i also have attached some sample writings of how a manifestation paper is written just to have an idea. thanks..