Choose a small or medium fishing company e.g Cuulong Fish(Vietnam)

The report will be assessed on the following criteria:
1.    Use of models – applicability to the chosen Service systems For example, this might include:
Application of concepts, further reading? Competitive information?
Clarity of business/management research question/s and formulation of clear aims, objectives and scope.
Identify and provide relevant academic and practitioner literature, to draw inferences from the literature
2.        Depth of analysis – as opposed to description:  For example, this might include:
    Evidence of understanding of links between business strategy, the market  and service strategy  and its operating systems
    The scope of data used in the analysis and the quality of the analysis conducted, for example: Tools and Process analysis? Lean Six Sigma?Analysis of both number of mentions and importance?
    For your analysis, you need to apply at least 3 tools  : Visual Management , SPC, SIPOC, VSM, FMEA Gemba, Swim Lane Flowcharts, 5S, VOC and CTQ Tools, Changeover (SMED) procedures, CMMI, Benchmarking, Brainstorming, Affinity Diagram
    Reporting and appropriate presentation of the data generated.
3.    Extent to which the recommendations and conclusions flow from the prior analysis :
    Recommendations derived: Comprehensive, for example in terms of Strategy/services/customer/improvements8/ service innovation /business model?) Lean? Visual Management? Design for Six Sigma? Agile developments? SCRUM Model?
    Synthesis: Development of a coherent argument and critical analysis of the findings
    Relates the analysis to the academic and practitioner literature
    Findings:  generalizable, critical and/or original application of knowledge
    Conclusions/recommendations based on the analysis:
4.    CONCLUSION THE ELEVATOR PITCH  (50 words max.)
Imagine you have just bumped into the CEO of your company while travelling in the lift of your building. Suddenly you have the opportunity to convince the most powerful person in your company that your plan is a good one.  Write a brief 50 word statement of the benefit of your plan to your organisation.  Make sure you take into account the analysis and objectives youve set in this document.  This chance meeting may have a profound impact on whether your plan wins financial support but remember he/she is a busy person and wont have more than 30 seconds to listen to you!

5.    Quality of report
    Presenting professionally and integrating the sections of the plan so that it makes a coherent and persuasive argument. Well-structured? Clear text? Good appendices? Well-integrated sections?
    Coherent and concise writing? Appropriate and accurate referencing?
    Effective and well-presented figures and tables? Grammar, spelling and appropriate vocabulary?