I care Paper

I need a title page, the body of the paper should not exceed 3 pages, and a reference page. Should be in APA format. One short quote may be used, the fall rest should be the paraphrased. Explain the type of work setting you are discussing and whether interprofessional teams are present. Indicate a team function that could be improved.  If interprofessional teams are not present,  indicate what type of team you think might be possible in the setting. Describe a nursing action item for each component below that could contribute to interprofessional team support; how this might impact the culture of your unit or organization; and possible impact on patient outcomes. Components or headings are compassion,  advocacy, resilience, evidence-based practice and summary. Include a summary statement of how iCare components can support interprofessional teams and patient outcomes.Address how you may be able to influence this process of support for interprofessional teams overall in your unit or organization. List any references used in APA format.
Select one scholarly nursing article from CINAHL as a resource for the paper. This is a requirement. Please limit your search word to one of the components. Remember 1 short quote only.
I work in a skilled care nursing facility. My paper should be focused on my work environment.
Question: if you guys run the paper through Turnitin first, it will look like I cheated if the school runs it?