Legal and Regulatory Env. of HR

Create a 2,000-2,500-word (8-10-page) analysis of your chosen legal case that is supported by your five (3) outside sources. Below is a list of questions to address in your analysis: What overall impact did this case have on HR practice? Who filed the case and what was the result or relief they were seeking?  How did the court find for the plaintiff (person who filed the lawsuit) and the defendant (usually the employer)?    Did either party appeal the original court decision? To what court did the appeal get heard?  What was the outcome of the appeal hearing? Address the rationale for the appeal courts decision. Was it overturned? Did they confirm the lower court’s decision, or remand it back to a lower court? Does the outcome of this case actually resolve the problem? Provide a detailed explanation of your reasoning with support. Does your assessment agree or disagree with the HR professional you interviewed?  How do HR professionals comply with the legal and regulatory intent of the outcomes of the case?  If you were the senior HR professional in an organization faced with a similar situation, how would you address this issue to avoid legal action? 

I started the paper, it is currently 752 words. You can add to what is already written as well, I will send you the link for the case study; and what I have written once I assign a writer.