The impact on the environmental and human health.

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What are the positive outcomes of undertaking the HIA?
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is the identification evaluation and prioritization of a
projects potential effects on the health of a population using an accepted set of procedures
methods and tools. The outcome of an HIA is a management and mitigation plan to maximize health benefits such as health education and rural development and minimize health detriments for a defined population. To minimize the number of death and threat of Malaria traffic accidences construction accidents sextually transmission disease diarrhoeal disease respiratory disease HIV/AIDS tuberculosis and other communicable diseases.
What could have been done differently to potentially value add to the HIA
Consider all populations could potential affected by a projects presence not just project workers such as spreading HIV or TB near the construction site.
Consider the baseline health conditions and data collection to assess the status of the health care delivery system as a primary concern it represents the foundation for all the other steps in the Health Impact Assessment process.
Consider hiring an independent consulting who expertise and experience in performing HIAs to define and assessing the population health risk.
Enforcement mechanisms of Health Impact Assessment Action Plans should be a priority as HIA becomes standardized.
Monitoring ongoing measurement of health impact and evaluation are critical to hone mitigation efforts monitor health outcomes and create a reference database for future extractive projects.
How could the proposal been altered to ensure that the people living near the development could benefit from it?
Following the HIA such as collecting baseline data scoping assessment and prioritization; development of Management Plan and treatment plan; and monitoring and evaluation will be beneficial to the local people who live near the development area such as Implementing HIV/AIDS prevention and education campaign conducted as part of the CHOP targeted the general population CSWs and truck drivers. Provide fund for training programs for health professional to improve a local capacity for tuberculosis diagnosis for HIV/AIDS.
Topic: Wind turbines are hazard to human health / The impact on the environmental and human health.
This topic is focused on the El Paso County residents complaining of negative effects from the wind farm. This is recently news that people who live in this area suffering by the noise pollution. People complain of being sick such as regular headaches nausea and dizziness. They also concern of their animal die their cattle and chickens have stopped laying eggs. I dont have much knowledge about the wind energy. Therefore I would like to investigate more information on the impact on environmental health and weight the value of the government subsidies are the only real source of profit from wind energy comparing to the human health.


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