Cannabis Industry and Money (1 page per source)

Overview: The annotated bibliography is a list of works on a particular topic.  It serves as a research tool for the writer, readers and future writers and readers.  Further, for the research assignment in this class, it serves as an illustration of the research that has been done on the topic. We have been discussing a class theme in the class, and how it changes the way we think about ourselves and our culture.  This project must also relate to that topic. 

Remember: The research that you do for this assignment is the bulk of the research you will use for your final essay. It must involve money in some way.

The assignment:
    The annotated bibliography must contain a minimum of ten sources.
    Each entry must include proper MLA or APA documentation (the entry you would assemble for a Works Cited or References page) for the source.
    Each entry must provide an accurate and concise summary in one paragraph.
    Each entry must also provide an evaluation of the source as a work of scholarship.  Who is the author? The publishing house? Do you sense its unreasonable? How can you tell?  If you cant answer any of these, is the source any good?  If the source is not good you still include it in the Annotated Bibliography. You might question whether you wish to use it in the essay, but thats a different assignment.
    At the top of the page, title the document: Annotated Bibliography
    Immediately following this, at the left margin, please include a working thesis that will announce not only the topic, but your opinion about it, too.
    Each entry should then follow, grouped together by type.  For instance, start the bibliography with a subheading PRINT.  After that, two book entries, alphabetized by the authors last name.  Then, move on to the next group, possibly LIBRARY DATABSES. Follow the same pattern for any other source types you might have.
    Double space the entire document.
    One inch margins around.
    Number the pages and name in the upper right hand corner.
    This is an academic document that should be written in an academic voice.  Consider your audience is a group of graduate students who are researching your topic.  They have come across your annotated bibliography and which to use it to help them with their work. The language you choose will reflect on you with these people.
    Academic research is a type of conversation. Writers reference other works all the time.  Therefore, one entry can reflect back on another entry in the work, mention it, contrast it or remind the reader about some point it made, as long as it is done professionally, reasonably and purposefully to show connections between ideas.