leadership interview

I would like you to conduct two separate interviews, with ONE team leader and ONE team member. These people can be from your work, from school, or from an organization to which you belong (church, civic group, club, etc). They can be on the same team, or different teams; from the same organization, or from different organizations. Up to you…

Prior to conducting the interviews, I would like you to prepare a minimum of 5 questions for each interview. Questions can be around how they plan or prepare, challenges faced, conflicts, meeting dynamics, etc. Ask the questions, take notes during the interviews.

For the assignment, I would like some background on the team’s objective, I would like you to include each question with a written summary of their answers. I would also like a 500 word summary for each interview as to the lessons learned and key takeaways for you, including how you might make adjustments to your own team leadership or membership styles based upon what you learned in the interviews.

Submission should be in APA format, including Title Page, Abstract, Running Head and proper citation; Times New Roman font, 12-point, double spaced. provide a minimum of one reference per interview, properly cited per APA Guidelines ..