Plan for Course

Write a one page paper for plans for the course. I have included the course description. I plan on learning and taking the information to help my daughter open up a non-profit organization name Nikki’s house. It is a art center focused on underprivileged children helping them with there creative through the arts. Culinary, studio, drawing, painting, photography and much more.


This course introduces students to the field of management in human services organizations. It focuses on the knowledge and skills required by those who supervise employees on a daily basis. Employee and agency rights and legal issues pertaining to employment will be discussed, as well as recruiting and training a volunteer workforce. Interviewing skills in the workplace will be practiced. The course provides an overview of the numerous federal laws, executive orders, and court decisions which have shaped the field of management in human services. A solid understanding of these concepts and laws is essential to operating successfully in the field of human services administration.