Bank Card Payments: Research Proposal, Designing Structure Equation Model

Dear Writers,

I would like to write my thesis (MSc in Finance) about “Bank card or mobile technology: which is the future of payment?”. (Revolut, Bank wallets, AliPay, WeChat Pay, fintech solutions, wallet payment; global/European trends, overview etc.)

It is obligatory for the thesis to contain some kind of “serious” mathematical analysis, also.

Before the university accepts my thesis topic, I have to present a short summary, containing what I plan to research in my thesis.

So what I am looking for now is: to Design Research Proposal, find out the Model I need to do empirical study by data or Questionnaire; design Structure Equation Model and some key variables, data. Financial institutions, actors of the market, national banks and statistical offices, World Bank… so there are enermous amount of information, data, statistics available about this topic. On the other hand, it would be nice to have some Chinese connection, because WeChat Pay, AliPay are so popular in China, but in Europe we still do not have these widespread solutions (but this Chinese linkage is not compulsory).

My professor recommended me to read academic papers, such as the paper attached, if I want to choose fintech topic.

If you have more questions, or these short guide was not enough, please contact me to avoid misunderstanding.

I also have second and third thesis topic opportunities, but this fintech topic would be my favourite.