Community-Based Support Group Paper

Community-based Support Group Attendance Students will attend at least one open support group addressing addictive behavior that you are not familiar with; examples include: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Overeaters Anonymous, etc. Write a four to six-page reaction paper on your observations based on the questions below.

After attending an open meeting please reflect on the following questions:
Self-Reflection Questions
1.    As you self-reflect, what were your thoughts and feelings as you were preparing to go to the meeting?
2.    What assumptions did you have about attending the meeting, the meeting itself, and the participants? Describe how your assumptions were met or unfounded.
3.    As you self-reflect, identify how your own values and personal biases may impact work with clients and families?
Observation Questions
4.    Describe what you observed about the meeting format, group participation, and members.
5.    Describe how the meeting ended, and what it was like to leave.
6.    Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the support group model you observed.
Application Questions
7.    If a client was open to this type of group, describe a strengths-based SMART treatment goal that you would use to help a client access a community-based support group. The goal must be matched to the contemplation stage of change. Explain what aspects of this stage of change you are targeting.
8.    Through your self-reflection and observations, describe if and how this was a useful exercise for you?

    Clarity of writing, grammar, spelling, and APA formatting is expected where applicable.

Note** These meetings are currently being done all on-line due to the Covid-19 (AA online) (online meetings – thank you Albert!) (Many types of meetings online) (online SMART meetings) (online Buddhist Recovery – formerly Refuge Recovery)