Governance, Politics and Corporate Accountability

Answer one question:

1. Drawing from theory and research, to answer the following statement: Purdue Pharma is partially responsible for igniting the opioid crisis but is not accountable to wider stakeholders.

2. Is a firm-centred approach such as codes of conducts or social auditing the best mechanism to manage transnational labour governance?

3. Draw on one sector to critically discuss the following statement: The development of industry-based sustainability standards are not an effective means to achieve sustainability.

4. Does non-financial reporting (NFR) hold the corporation accountable for its social and environmental performance and risks? Why or why not?

5. Multinational Corporations (MNC) are not responsible to stakeholders for human rights infringement in global supply chains. Draw on real life examples to critically discuss this statement.

6. Can consumer boycotts hold MNCs to account for irresponsible and/or unsustainable business practices?

7. Is surveillance an acceptable externality in the commodification of users online data?