Data Analysis Procedures

This discussion will help you prepare the data analysis section of your research design for your Program Evaluation Plan project. Your peers and instructor will provide feedback that will help you refine your plan. This is an extended post and should comprise 300–350 words.

As part of your Program Evaluation Plan project, you might propose collecting surveys, scored assessments, transcribed conversations, observational notes, clinical records, or other forms of data. You will analyze this data with the goal of answering the basic questions of the evaluation and uncovering other useful information. For this discussion, first post details about the following aspects of your project:

  • Population.
  • Clinical areas of concern.
  • Clinical intervention and program services.
  • Questions to be answered by evaluation.

Then, describe step-by-step data analysis procedures you will use to answer the following:

  • What are the data analysis procedures (using both descriptive and inferential statistics) for the quantitative component of the program evaluation plan?
  • What are the data analysis procedures for the qualitative components of the program evaluation plan?

Use published scholarly articles to find examples of data analyses that pose evaluation questions similar to yours. Discuss how these studies used and justified similar data analysis procedures that could also be used in your evaluation plan.


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