causal analysis essay

causal analysis essay. The causal analysis essay investigates the causes of something. For example: the causes of the 1929 great recession. Or the causes of Kim Kardashian’s success. To get a high content score in this essay you need an original topic that doesn’t exist on the internet as either a causal analysis sample essay or a cause effect essay.
The more specific the topic, the better.

For your topic you need to identify 3 causes. So for example if my causal analysis was about the causes of people dropping out of AUS, if would need to identify three causes. So, in this case my three causes would be:

1. homesickness

2. parental pressure about fees

3. a heavy workload

I would need to make sure I can write 250 words about each of these causes. Be careful not to write an effect essay,

The introduction is just the same as the compare contrast essay. You start with a hook, then write about the background of your topic going from general to specific. Make sure to not talk about any causes in the background. Just explain the context. Then when you have done that write your thesis statement. The thesis statement is very simple and should just say: the causes of X are 1,2, and 3. The intro should be 200 words long. Remember to include 1 citation in your intro .

main body 1 of the causal analysis. If my essay was the causes of failing a course at AUS, and my three causes were lack of study, the courses are too difficult and parental pressure over the cost of university. I would start to write about the first cause. My topic sentence would b  e: The first cause of failing a course at AUS is the lack of time spent studying.
Then I would explain how and why lack of studying would lead to failing a course. You should also in include 1 citation in this paragraph as well to give evidence to your reason. This paragraph is 250 words long.
  Remember a citation and reference is a different thing. For this essay you do not need references. Just citations.

please write main body 2 and 3 of your essay and include a citation in each of those two paragraphs.

The conclusion is just like the compare contrast essay’s conclusion. Summarize all the essay, then re-state the thesis and then add a punch (the interesting ending sentence).

here are the final requirements for the causal analysis essay: You need a APA cover page. Please look at OWL purdue on how to do this. Or you can even use youtube. Something that will also help you is the Word APA template. You don’t need an abstract or author note. You also don’t need references for this essay.
you just need a APA cover page. Your whole submission also needs to be formatted in 12 times new roman , no bolding or italics. It should also be double spaced or 1.5 spaced. Your essay needs to have 4 citations: 1 in the intro, and one in each main body. So, the difference between this essay and previous one is 3 extra citations, and a cover page.