Creat Power Point slides

Creat Power Point slides

Pick a brand that you think has done well during the coronavirus and write up a little PowerPoint about what they’ve done and why you think they did well. Also, pick a brand you think has done badly and do the same. Create PPT slides .

Amazon and Princess Cruises
Alternative Formats

Netflix and Cinemark 

Janitors and Walmart 

Coffee and Disney 

Target and Disney 

Bacardi and Smithfield 

Molly Maid and Amoeba 

Instacart and Southwest 

Instacart and AMC 

Ikea and Whole Foods

Ferrari and Amazon 

Netflix and AMC 

Zoom and Uber 

Door Dash and Tesla 

Door Dash and Hobby Lobby

GM and JC Penney 

SkyGolf and MLB 

Gilead Sciences and Air France 

Netflix and cruise lines 

Costco and Disneyland 

Nintendo and Barnes & Noble 

Tik Tok and Planet Fitness 

Love your Melon and 24 Hour Fitness

Green Acres and Top Golf

Clorox and Six Flags

Netflix and PGA Tour

Nintendo and AMC

Target and Sports