Early Political Theory

Prompt: Use a theory from the book (Plato Complete Works by John Copper)  to analyze a political issue of your choice, OR use a political issue of your choice to criticize a theory.

Theory: “Socrates argues the only evil is a lack of knowledge because it is impossible to behave badly knowing what is good. “

I wanted to use this theory and tie it to terrorism, (international and domestic). When I google the official definition for terrorism, it says the use of intentional violence for political or religious purposes so I wanted to argue that someone with knowledge especially when it comes to politics, religion, etc can commit a cruel act of violence.I wouldnt say those that commit terrorism lack knowledge, quite the opposite actually Especially when it comes to domestic terrorism (ex : school shootings)  we often say that the perpetrator had a mental illness and didnt know better. But most of the time they acquire the same knowledge as us and the same education as us if not more.