Web Coding

Develop a website which includes the following:
1.) Utilizes bootstrap and a css file which contains any additional rules, or changes to, bootstrap components that implements at least:
a background image
a grid layout with multiple columns
font colors and effects
2.) Content (image or otherwise) in a box with shadow effects and a footnote
3.) Page layout should include at least two columns, one of which is fixed, across all pages, creating a side-bar effect that persists across the whole site.
4.) One page on the site should contain an un-ordered or ordered list of items
5.) Your site should contain at least 3 html pages with a proper hierarchy (pages are all connected by links in a non-linear pattern).
6.) One email, phone, or address in the content should be inside the corresponding anchor tag
7.) Comments on your index page that describe who last edited the file and when.
To submit, create a zip file of the folder with all of your files, images, and other materials, and upload it to the dropbox.

My choice of topic for the website would be a Donation Website but if you have any other examples you would prefer to do, please let me know.

Thank you