The Situation – Chapter 1 Program Transcript

The Situation – Chapter 1

The Situation – Chapter 1 Program Transcript


On-screen Graphic: The Situation – Chapter 1

On-screen Visual: A car pulls into a driveway in a suburban community. The driver, John, exits the car with a bag of groceries. He walks to the front door of his home and into the foyer. He climbs the stairway to the second floor and walks the hallway towards his bedroom.

(Woman moaning)

On-screen Visual: John enters the bedroom and finds his wife, Chahana in bed with his cousin, Sam.

CHAHANA: (gasping) John!

On-screen Visual: John’s wife and cousin leap to their feet.

JOHN: I’m gonna kill you, Sam!

On-screen Visual: John charges towards Sam and, in the process, bumps and knocks Chahana to the floor.

JOHN: Chahana, are you all right?

On-screen Visual: Chahana is still lying on the floor. John is sitting on the edge of the bed with a worried look on his face. Sam stands in the corner of the room holding a cell phone to his ear.

SAM: Ugh…hello…yeah, we need help at 1234 Sycamore Lane. There’s been a domestic incident.

(Police sirens approach)

On-screen Visual: The police arrive at the home and John answers the door.

OFFICER #1: Sir, you are under arrest for domestic assault.

On-screen Visual: John is placed in handcuffs and into the back of a police car.

OFFICER #1: Suspect is in custody.

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The Situation – Chapter 1

On-screen Visual: John is being processed in Central Booking.

OFFICER#2: You are officially being charged with felony domestic assault. You’ll have to stand before the judge tomorrow morning.

On-screen Visual: John is being fingerprinted.

OFFICER #2: Press here and then here.

On-screen Visual: John is standing at a jailhouse phone.

(Phone Rings as John calls his sister.)

JOHN: Sarah, it’s John…something has happened. I’m in jail. I need you to bail me out tomorrow after my court appearance. I’ll explain everything later.

On-screen Visual: John is placed in a holding cell.

On-screen Visual: John is standing in the courtroom.

BAILIFF: All rise!

JUDGE: Bail is to be set at $50,000.

On-screen Graphic: The next day…

On-screen Visual: John is seated in an office across from a woman.

HSP: Hi John, I’m a Human Services professional. I‘m your caseworker. I‘ve been assigned to talk with you today and help you over the next few weeks and months.

There are some things you need to understand as part of these charges you’re facing John. When you were arrested, the officer read you your Miranda Rights. Those rights include appointing you a lawyer if you can’t afford one. Do you have a lawyer currently?

JOHN: Can I please just go home?

HSP: Unfortunately you can’t. At this point your wife has filed a Peace Bond, or restraining order. You can’t have any contact or even go within half a mile of your wife or children until a supervised visitation schedule is determined. Before any of that happens you will have to file a plea in court in a few days.

On-screen Visual: John stands up and places his hands on the desk.

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The Situation – Chapter 1

JOHN: I didn’t do anything wrong. This was all an accident. I mean I’ve never even laid a finger on Chahana.

HSP: John, I understand your frustration, but you have to focus on how to proceed from this point. These are very serious charges.

On-screen Visual: John slouches in his chair with his head in his hands.

JOHN: My life is ruined.

HSP: John, I’m committed to helping you through this process. We will figure things out. You need to remain calm and adhere to the restrictions of the Peace Bond and your bail.

Fade to Black

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