Conflict Resolution Program

In this assignment, you will integrate the concepts of conflict resolution, group influence, and attribution to develop a program of conflict resolution to a current conflict situation.

Identify a conflict between two groups, and obtain approval from your instructor.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you create a program to improve the relationship between two groups. Examples include between police and a community, managers and subordinates, the city council committee and a special interest group, and unions and management. Be specific in identifying what community, company, or organization you are writing about.

Nature of the Conflict

Describe the context of the conflict. What kind of community or organization is this? Who are the stakeholders in the outcome of the conflict?
Identify the overt and covert issues presenting both sides.
Describe the effect the conflict has on the organization within which it exists and, if applicable, the surrounding community.
Identify attribution errors and how they will be addressed in the program.
Analyze the dynamics within each group and between groups. Who are the leaders? Does anyone stall or undermine the group? Is there a relationship between two subgroups?
Program Design

Apply the elements of conflict resolution.
Describe the central strategy you will use to resolve or diminish the conflict.
Provide at least one reference supporting the use of such a strategy.
Include a program component that employs social media.
Explain how you will address attribution errors between the groups.
Identify the elements of persuasion you will use in your program.
Create a 15- to 20-minute oral presentation that you would give to sell your program to the company or organization where the conflict exists. The presentation should be accompanied by 10 Microsoft PowerPoint slides with speaker notes that include the following:

The goals of the program
The logistics of the program (schedule, location, and so on)
The content of the program (any worksheets, activities, or events)
Cite at least 4 references in your presentation, including the reference that demonstrates research support of your program strategy.

Format any citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.


Conflict Program Proposal

Patrice Scope


Ami Taharka



This program proposal explains cultural conflict resolution between the employees and the human resource management team in Giant Food Grocery Stores Pennsylvania US. The primary purpose of the proposed program is to integrate conflict resolution and group influence. It also suggests the attributes that can be used by the organization to improve the relationship between two groups (Henry, 2018). This paper discusses the type of program that should be used by the organization and the nature of the conflict that exists between the two groups.

Nature of the Conflict

The Giant Food Stores does not encourage its employees to bring issues of politics into the business. However, one of the employees came to work in a T-shirt with writings claiming that she was a die-hard supporter of the Republican Party. This raised complaints among the other employees who were the supporters of the Democrats’ party. However, the human resource management had no issues with her supporting any political group (Jacobs & McCormack, 2011). The other employees felt that the human resource team was being unfair to allow one of the employees to come to work with such cloths. They argued that the human resource team should not have recruited the employees who would bring politics into the organization. Thus, some of them started issuing threats to quit the job because they didn’t like the idea of politics in the workplace. This made the top management to intervene and set concrete and measurable conflict resolutions to address the issues that were affecting the employees and the human resource team.

Type of Program

The best element to resolve the conflicts of this nature should have distinctive features. These elements may include creative and critical thinking and effective communication (Henry, 2018). The program should be a problem-solving and empowering to ensure that every employee is equally treated. Effective communication is very important, especially during the mediation process (Jacobs & McCormack, 2011). It will be applied primarily before engaging in active listening to both sides. After listening to both sides of conflicts, it will be easy to think and identify the side that is breaching the laws of the organization critically. However, the program being proposed should involve visualization skills (Wilcox & Reber, 2016). This will help the conflicting parties to imagine how interaction within the organization could be good without conflicts. Thus, they will see in the importance of minimizing conflicts in the workplace.


Henry, N. (2018). Public administration and public affairs. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Jacobs, K., & McCormack, G. L. (2011). The Occupational Therapy Manager. Bethesda, MD: AOTA Press.

Wilcox, D. L., & Reber, B. H. (2016). Public relations writing and media techniques. Boston: Pearson.


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