Behaviorism Scenarios

Behaviorism Scenarios

1. Second grader Marla has gotten out of her seat during teacher-led instruction (of various topics/subjects) 5 times in the last week. When you asked her why she was getting up, she told you, “I just get antsy!”

2. Third graders Frank and Raul often whisper during the teacher-led math instruction, even after being asked to stop.

3. Fifth grader Tamara has not turned in six of her last eight homework assignments (includes all subjects). When you asked her why, she said that she sometimes forgets what she needs to do, especially on days she has piano practice after school.

4. Sixth grader Rosie has been late to class 4 times in the last two weeks. When you spoke with her about it, you were finally able to tell that it is because she spends too long in the bathroom combing her hair before your class.

5. You have seen third grader Roy looking at other’s papers during independent assignments as well as on all three of the last three tests in ELA and Social Studies. When you asked him about it, he denied doing it. Through your conversation, you ascertained that he doesn’t seem to realize that he is doing it.

6. Seventh grader Susan used disrespectful language and tone of voice when speaking to you, her teacher, including “Duh” and “I don’t think so.” When you asked her about it, she replied that she didn’t think what she said was disrespectful.

7. Eighth grader Wayne has come to school four times wearing T-shirts with obscene, racist, or otherwise inappropriate pictures and messages. When you asked him why he continued to wear these things, he replied it was because he thought it was funny.


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