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Please provide a 1-2 paragraph response to this post below. Be sure to add intext citation and a min of 1 reference.Due to an increase in management research in recent years, an awareness of ethical research problems that threaten research and publication integrity has begun to increase (Honig, Lampel, Siegel, & Drnevich, 2017). Therefore, great care to follow an ethical code must be exercised when conducting academic research, especially doctoral research. In this manuscript, I introduce factors that could be scrutinized by Walden University’s IRB committee, the ethical considerations of my proposed target research population, and how these ethical considerations may impact the research process and value of the study. First, I discuss my doctoral study problem statement and introduce my proposed target research population. Target Research Population and Ethical Considerations The problem statement of my doctoral research concerns the lack of leadership strategies by information technology managers necessary to positively effect information technology employee retention. At this point in doctoral research, I believe the primary potential target research population is non-management information technology employees. Although my preferred research methodology is qualitative, I believe the best method to determine leadership style is to conduct a quantitative study through the online use of the MLQ-5X to assess leadership paradigm with questions to determine employee retention intent. Noting the potential target research population, I believe Walden University’s IRB committee could scrutinize some factors. Taking the projected target population into account, Walden University’s IRB committee may consider questions about professional work an ethical issue (Walden University, n.d.). I will be determining information technology management’s leadership style through a standardized questionnaire (i.e., MLQ-5X) by non-management information technology personnel as well as inquiring about their intent to remain employed. Although I will uphold participant’s privacy, I will follow the recommendations of Walden University’s IRB committee to maintain ethical data collection. Noting the increased number of non-management information technology employees whose primary language is not English, Walden University’s IRB committee could consider some non-English speaking participants as a vulnerable population (Walden University, n.d.). By Walden University’s IRB committee guidelines, considerations will be made for non-English speaking research participants (Walden University, n.d.). In line with this consideration, undocumented immigrants are also considered a vulnerable population by Walden University’s IRB committee (Walden University, n.d.). I will follow Walden University’s IRB committee guidelines on the ethical inclusion of immigrants and H-1B visa recipients in the doctoral study. Because of the beforehand considerations, potential language barriers could impact the process of data collection. Lastly, the online method of delivering the MLQ-5X questionnaire may cause concern with Walden University’s IRB committee and impact data collection efforts. According to Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill (2015), several ethical issues could arise because of the online delivery method. Informed consent is one area of ethical concern (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2015). Researcher care must be taken to obtain informed consent when delivering an online questionnaire (Saunders et al., 2015). Another area of potential ethical concern is confidentiality of data (Saunders et al., 2015). When delivered online, the data presented in an online questionnaire must be kept safe, secure, and anonymous in both the delivery and data storage phases. I feel confident Walden University’s IRB committee will scrutinize these issues and provide feedback on improving ethical questionnaire delivery and data storage. In Conclusion In this manuscript, I have introduced the intended target research population and briefly discussed research methods. I have also presented ethical considerations for the intended target research population along with the discussion of the impact of ethical considerations on the research process and data value. This discussion entry helped me realize the ethical considerations of my intended doctoral research and introduced the importance of working with Walden University’s IRB committee. References Honig, B., Lampel, J., Siegel, D., & Drnevich, P. (2017). Special section on ethics in management research: Norms, identity, and community in the 21stcentury. Academy Of Management Learning & Education, 16(1), 84-93. doi:10.5465/amle.2017.0023 Saunders, M. N. K., Lewis, P., & Thornhill, A. (2015). Research methods for business students(7th ed.). Essex, England: Pearson Education Limited. Walden University (n.d.). Red flag issues that should trigger a research ethics consultation with the institutional review board (IRB).Retrieved from
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