Themes and strategies for storytelling Quick Exercise

While the instructions start on the final slide of the ppt, these instructions incorporate those in a little more detail:

In an effort to promote National Puppy Day, your job for this exercise is to think of some ways in which we can talk about a campaign to “Adopt instead of shop,” when it comes to acquiring a new puppy. In order to do this do a little research and come up with some fun ways we can communicate this strategy:

1.  Come up with 3 clever titles or turns of phrases that are thematic (like “adopt instead of shop”–that’s mine, you have to come up with others; or a thematic phrase might also be something like “Paws before you shop”–again, mine, you have to come up with your own 3)

2.  Provide three reasons why one should adopt a puppy, supported by cited evidence, meaning 3 APA formatted bibliographic sources that support the idea of puppy adoption; one of which must be a statistic.

        For example— More than 50% of dogs are mixed breed, meaning more than half of all dogs in the United States don’t come from a puppy mill.

American Veterinary Medical Association. (2018) American Pet Products Association Survey. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.).