Analysis of Epidemiological Study

Analysis of Epidemiological Study Overview: Search the literature for an epidemiological study that was conducted on an issue in your area of practice or DNP area of interest.
(Diabetes or Hypertension)

Write a paper that is no more than 8 pages in length, free of grammar and spelling errors, APA format, well organized, and reflects depth of thinking/analysis. Instructions: Your paper should include the following: Study purpose Study design Study sampling methods Study data collection methods Why do you think the authors chose the study design, sampling, and data collection methods over other designs or methods? Strengths of study design and methods Weaknesses of study design and methods Appropriateness of study design and methods Identify: Potential or actual study bias Potential or actual confounding Statistical power of the study Attrition Interpret the epidemiological findings, considering the potential effects of bias, confounding, power, and attrition on: Validity of results Reliability of results Generalizability of results Grading Criteria – Please review the grading rubric. You will be graded accordingly. Please Note: If you fail to submit a full-text copy of your epidemiological article along with your analysis assignment, your grade will be reduced by 5 points automatically.