Public Opinion Poll Paper

Write a 250-350 word paper summarizing the rationale of the public opinion poll or survey you created on immigration reform
The key actors (legislators, interest groups, and activists, etc.)
Explain the following:
why the key actors were chosen?
why these particular questions were chosen?
Q: Do you think that immigration issues should be handled at the state level instead of the federal level?
Q:  The process of obtaining legal permanent residency can take up to 20 years in some cases? What recommendations do you make to speed up this process?
Q: Do you agree with the Dream Act of 2019?
Q:  What do you think is the biggest obstacle in the way of creating policies that work?
Q:  What recommendations would you make for immigration reform?
Interest Groups
Q:  What is your groups stance on current immigrations laws? 
Q:  Which representatives does your group support?
Q:  What studies has your group done to back up your stance on immigration laws?
Q:  How does your group plan to influence immigration policy?
Q:  Does your group see the need for new policies, or think that current policies should just be enforced better?
Q:  What is your stance on current immigration policy?
Q:  In what ways can your group influence immigration policy?
Q:  Do you think the current administration is doing a good job at addressing issues with immigration? 
Q:  In what ways do you think the current administration can improve on immigration policy enforcement?
Q:  Do you think that politicians are actually influenced by the opinions of the public?