Remote Database

You can use AWS, Azure, HelioHost, or any other service for hosting your database.
Create a NEW Java SpringBoot application that displays the inventory of a store that sells sporting equipment. In your database you need one table, name it ‘inventory’.
In this table you need at least the following columns: ‘id’, ‘description’, ‘price’, ‘color’. You may add additional columns as you like.
Fill your table with an inventory of at least 15 items. You can decide what sporting equipment your online store should sell. If you’re using MySQL, I recommend downloading and using the MySQL Workbench for creating the table and inserting data into the table.
When the project is started, you should be able to open a browser and navigate to the website through localhost:8088.
The UI should display a table with all the items in the inventory, all columns except the ID column.
Use port 8088 as default port!