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PY 325

On syllabus:

In your Introduction, you must review at least five references/resources in the field of psychology or related social sciences, and at least four of these will be peer-reviewed journal articles, while the fifth could be a scholarly book or book chapterTwo of the sources must be ones you found on your own, while three of them you may share in common with your group members.

My 2 personal articles:

– Article Name: Beauty is in the Eye of the Door Opener: A Study of Chivalry and Female Attractiveness by Julia L. Buck University of Central Oklahoma


– Article Name: Exploring Moderators of Gender Differences: Contextual Differences in Door‐Hoiding Behavior by Janice D. Yoder



Group Project Articles:


‘Cycle thieves, we are watching you’: impact of a simple signage intervention against bicycle theft
by Nettle, Daniel; Nott, Kenneth; Bateson, Melissa
PloS one, 2012, Volume 7, Issue 12
Bicycle theft is a serious problem in many countries, and there is a lack of evidence concerning effective prevention strategies. Displayi…


Motivational Signage Increases Physical Activity on a College Campus
by Ford, M. Allison; Torok, Donald
Journal of American College Health, 09/2008, Volume 57, Issue 2
Objective: The authors evaluated whether motivational signage influenced rates of stair use relative to elevator use on a college campus. …


Conformity in the Asch Experiment
by Larsen, Knud S
The Journal of Social Psychology, 12/1974, Volume 94, Issue 2

Study: Observe entry door for one hour with no sign to see how many participants press the handicap button as opposed to pulling the handle. Second week place visible sign on door or near handicap button stating the electrical cost, and observe if sign increases behavior of pulling handle. Third week remove sign and observe if behavior has influenced participants to pulling handle.

I have to include my personal articles and my group articles (5 in total) in my introduction.

Goal: To determine whether a sign can influence behavior on utilizing or not utilizing the handicap button. Another way to explain the goal is to see if placing a sign by the door or handicap button will influence change of behavior on how they view the door.

Hypothesis: If a sign is placed next to the handicap button, then the sign will influence participants to physically open the door to save on electrical cost of not utilizing the handicap button.

Participants: visitors, students and faculties


-Introduce the experiment

– How signs are used in everyday life

– The purpose of the study

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