medical questions

Answer all of the questions included in this document. 
In your answer you must include references in Harvard format. 
You must submit your work via turnitin (available under the assessment tab on the module space).
Work must adhere to the university policy regarding good academic practice.

Question 1 (14 Marks)
1. Name the condition where a thrombosis is identified typically in the femoral or iliac vein. 
2. Name the three predispositions to developing thrombosis contained in Virchows triad and briefly describe one cause of each. (12 Marks)

Question 2 (14 Marks)
a. Define a Stroke (2 Marks)

b. List 3  risk factors for stroke (excluding age and smoking) and one investigation for each (12 Marks).

Question 3 (17 Marks)
a.    Define Heart failure (2 Marks)

b.    list 3 types of heart failure and describe 3 symptoms or signs for each (15Marks)

Question 4 (15 Marks)
a. Define a pneumothorax (2 Marks)

b. Outline the underlying pathophysiology of tension pneumothorax (5 Marks)

c. (i) What is the specific treatment for pneumothorax that is compromising breathing and (ii) briefly outline its mode of action (8  Marks)

Question 5 (15 Marks)
a. In acute complete gastric outlet obstruction, 
i. What are the likely acid-base (blood gas) and serum electrolyte disturbances?  (3 marks)

ii  and explain the underlying causes of these disturbances. (5 Marks)

b. In bowel obstruction complicated by bowel  ischaemia,
i.    What complications may affect the lungs?(1 Mark)
ii.    Name the severe systemic response that can occur in bowel ischaemia (2 Marks).
iii.    If the bowel perforates, what condition will then develop and briefly describe what acid-base disturbance will likely occur and be reflected in blood gas analysis? (4 Marks)