Personality and Applied Psychology

Personality and Applied Psychology
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Portfolio: 4 topics of 500 words each
1.Choosing Forensic psychology as an applied topicdiscuss how the personality perspective could help us understand crime.(500 words)
2.Health psychology: Firefighters have higher heart attack risk because of heat.
Relate health psychology to the above newswhat health psycholoy ideas are presented in the news coverage how could an health psychologist help and also inform a
political debate on the (NHS) National Heath Services England. (500 words)
3. COUNSELLING-The record level of poverty in working class families. How does counselling help and areas of political debate.(500 words)
(BBC NEWS) 16 March 17 Sean Coughlan.
4.EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY- The role of an educational psychologist in the swing back on school test.
(BBC NEWS) 30TH March 17. Sean Coughlan.(500 words)


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