Strategies to use for date collection

Create a chart or graphic organizer in a Word doc that identifies the research question(s) for your proposed study and the data collection strategies that you will use to answer your research question(s). You should have 1-3 research questions.

Include the following for each research question:


At least three different data collection strategies/methods that can help you answer your research question in detail
Examples of the specific kinds of data you plan to obtain: for example, student-generated artifact- “Students will complete persuasive essays as a form of a student-generated artifact.”

Explain how each data collection method mentioned above will provide you with the data you need to answer your research question(s)

Justification as to whether or not baseline data are important in your study, and an explanation as to which data collection strategies you plan to use to collect baseline data
Provide examples of the specific types of baseline data (grades, test scores, survey data, etc.) that you plan to obtain.
Remember, you will not have actually, collected data yet. So, use future tense. Example: The researcher will collect baseline data from…

Note: A title page is required for all assignments.