Individual Project in Nutrition

Individual Project in Nutrition

April, 2020


The goal of the nutrition project is to search for an evidence-based nutrition related knowledge. Then, understand different issues and implications in different levels of health care. In this project, the student will prepare a short summary report of around 250-400 words/ (2-3 pages) related to nutrition related topic.

The Learning Outcomes:

By the completion of the group project, the students will be able to:

1. Analyze and use the scientific based evidence in the field of nutrition

2. Use the most recent or up-to-date reference (it is preferable to be no more than 5 years old)

3. Appreciate the role of the nutritional therapy or dietary interventions of disease conditions.

4. Demonstrate understanding of summarizing the nutrition information and writing them in a concise report.

Suggested topics for the project:

· Nutrition Therapy for chronic diseases (e.g. DM, HTN, Dyslipidemia, CVD)

· Nutrition related disease for vulnerable groups (e.g. Pediatrics, pregnant women, elderly), e.g. Gestational DM, nutrition related issues in eledrely.

· Micronutrient deficiencies (e.g. Vitamin D deficiency, Iron deficiency)

· The usage and considerations of modified diets (e.g. in Texture or nutrients).

Report Layout:

A report of the project should include the following:

· A cover page which include the name of the topic, the student’s information

· Introduction/ background on the topic (must be from trusted references and scientific based) and must cover the following:

· National and global statistics on the topic (e.g. Prevalence of obesity in Oman and globally). “if available”

· Key definitions

· Importance of the topic

· Discussion: discuss the following:

· Core messages or information

· Dietary interventions r nutrition therapy

· Any other related information

· Implications in the health field

· Outcomes & Conclusion

· References

The project evaluation comprises of the following components:

· Layout, design and component of the report: 3%

· Information of the report is evidence based: 7%

· Key messages of the topic are clear, and precise: 5%

· Implications of the topic: 3%

· References: 2%

Academic Integrity:

· If cheating or Plagiarism is suspected or proven, the new bylaws and regulation will be applicable.

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