strategy and business planning

Your Task:
You are required to report on how an organisation you are familiar with benefits, or could benefit, from strategic planning (1,500 words maximum)
–the organisation i chose is Burberry because I presented about it. ao the essay should be about burberry.

— p.s. I am a first year student in uni, so the essay cant be graduate level.

The objectives of this assignment are:
to assist you in understanding the importance of strategic planning;
to develop the ability to understand the fundamental decisions facing a contemporary business;
to conduct effective management research as an individual student.

In completing this assignment, you should consider:
The nature of strategy and strategic planning (including definitions, relationship with other
concepts, the importance of planning.)
The competitive environment (including the use of appropriate models such as PEST(LE), Porters
5 forces etc.)
Strategic capability (including the use of SWOT and concepts such as competences and value
chain analysis)
Strategic purpose and corporate social responsibility
Strategic choices (including Porters generic strategies, Ansoff’s product market growth
strategies, and portfolio analysis.)
Whether specific strategies are being pursued for Internationalisation or innovation.
Pursuing strategies through organic development, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic

Addresses the question: The relevance of content in addressing the question
Use of research and examples – The use of material, including course readings, research findings
or other forms of evidence.
Analysis and development of argument – The construction of a coherent and convincing
argument for holding a particular view.
Depth of knowledge and critical understanding – Depth of knowledge of relevant literature and ability to use complex concepts and ideas.
Originality – Provision of new insights or original ideas based on independent thought or creative
Structure – A logical arrangement of the work into sections (introduction, main points,
conclusion) with appropriate paragraphs, linking and signposting.
Presentation – Putting across ideas clearly, succinctly and without grammatical and spelling errors.
Referencing and bibliography – Acknowledgement of sources using appropriate citation
conventions e.g. Harvard System of Referencing