Using Presentations to Share Research

Topic: Using Presentations to Share Research

The purpose of this class-wide discussion is to give you an opportunity to share your research proposal that you have worked hard to develop throughout the course of the semester. During Module/Week 1, you shared your potential research topics and provided peer feedback.

During this discussion, you will share your completed research proposals in the format of a PowerPoint presentation (or other approved media-based presentation) with your classmates. The proposal must include the research questions and abbreviated literature review; and the focus must be on the methodology, including an abbreviated version of each component of the written research proposal. Note: the methodology must be the primary focus. The presentation must include a written script with what you would share if you were speaking to the class.

You must provide your abstract in the body of the post, the presentation title in the subject line, and the proposal as an attachment. Appropriate formats for sharing presentations with the class include the following: PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Presentation Tube, or YouTube presentations.

Why Does African American Mothers Use More Intense Disciplinary Practice Than African American Fathers?


i. Population and Sampling

The research is about African American parents and this means that the main population targeted by the study is the African American parents in the United States. According to U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts, (2019); by the end of 2017; the country had a total of 41.4million African Americans. With over 10million African American parents in the United States, some are single parents while others are married couples. It is evident that the United States is a vast country which makes it impossible to reach out to African American parents in different states. For this study, the research will target the one state recording the highest number of African American parents which is Texas which has a total of 3,269,253 or (32%) of the total state population.

The African Americans living in Texas are from different African countries and this means they have different backgrounds, beliefs, and attitudes towards children disciplinary and hence would help to understand the difference between a father and a mother disciplinary practice. The simple random sampling technique will be applied where African American parents in Texas will be randomly selected to take part in the research study. According to Omair, (2014); simple random sampling technique helps in eliminating biasness in a research because all eligible participants have equal opportunities.

For one to become a participant, he/she must provide reliable evidence that he/she if an African American for instance an identification card or passport. The participant must also prove that he/she lives within the targeted region. The research will target approximately 2000 participants where a 1000 will be mothers whether single or married and the other 1000 fathers both single and married. The selected participants will be taken through a screening process to determine whether they understand what parenting is all about focusing on the disciplinary aspect of parenting and also their details would be collected at this point. After the selection process is complete, the participants to be taken through a briefing process of what the research is all about, what is expected of them, and how the research findings would be used. All these briefing will take place in a research identified location that would be considered as the research center all through the process.

ii. Instrumentation

To obtain data, interviews research assessment tool will be applied. The assessment tool will help in measuring the variables of interest in the study. This is through asking questions and rephrasing it for the purpose of determining whether the response given in the initial question corresponds with the response in the second question. It is evident that since Texas is a vast state, some participants might be located far away. The assessment tool shall be used physically and through online means for those who cannot manage to go to the research identified center.

Interviews assessment instrument has been said to be reliable due to the fact that it is flexible and allows the researcher to phrase questions from the responses given by the participant. Moreover, in the case the response is not clear, the researcher has the option of rephrasing the question to test the credibility of the participant without ignoring the fact that it allows the researcher to get to see the participant and hence can also detect facial expressions and other body languages that helps in telling the real situation. Interview assessment is also valid because it does not in any way violate the rights of the participant.

According to Davis, et al., (2017); interviews have been used for the longest time as an effective research assessment instrument. It has helped in obtaining information from participants especially when making use of the qualitative method of research. Researchers in the past have claimed that interviews are demanding on the basis of time and finances but they have proven to give accurate and reliable information. The interview would help in yielding the nominal type of data which is desired in this case to determine the reasons why African mothers use more intense disciplinary practice as compared to African American fathers.

In this research, the variable of interest is the disciplinary practice where the main intention is to determine how African American mothers do it and how the African American father handles disciplinary practices. The interview assessment tool is consistent with this variable in the sense that it will grant participants form both genders the chance to express themselves and gradually recording the reasons a practice that will lead to the attainment of research objectives and response of all research questions.

iii. Procedures

For the 2000 randomly selected participants, a single case study design will be applied. Every participant will be granted his/her time to be interviewed which means that by the end of the research, the study will have 2000 different responses for every question posed to the participant. Every case would be handled independently to allow parents express themselves on how and why they apply the disciplinary actions that they do, and which disciplinary actions they believe is intense over the other. The theory of independent mind by Gregory Mitchel supports the selected study design and would also help in testing the hypotheses. The theory claims that whenever people are together, they tend to influence and manipulate each other to the point of reducing the ability to think freely as compared to when a person is engaged alone.

During data collection, there will be both independent and dependent variables that will be tested. The independent variable will the disciplinary practices and factors leading to the manner in which disciplinary practices are carried out while as the dependent variables will be African American parents. The more reason is that the parents are compelled by an independent force for them to react the way they do.

Data collection will commence immediately after all the participants have been identified, their details collected, and all the other requirements put in place. The process is expected to take two to three months to have all the 2000 participants interviewed and data collected through digital means. The main control that will be used is time where every participant will be granted a specific time to respond to the questions and in the case of failure, only two other options would be granted to avoid instances of delays. Controls would also be applied on data collection and storage where only authorized individuals would be involved and the participants would not be allowed to get to know each other to avoid instances of informing each other something that might hinder accurate information being shared.

All these controls would help in eliminating data biasness’s or application of unethical practices like sharing private and confidential information shared by the participants. The controls would help the research to remain in the right course on the basis of time and other resources allocated thereby making it possible for attainment of research goals and objectives. Externally, the controls would help in avoiding instances of inconveniences or betraying participants trust leading to sharing of accurate information.

iv. Analysis

The completion of data collection will introduce data analysis phase as this is the phase that the research will be able to determine the real reasons why African American mothers are known for applying intense disciplinary practices than African American fathers. From the interview question responses, nominal data will be generated where variables will be labeled but the label does not have any quantitative value (Kim, 2015). This is to mean that the generated data would be hard to measure because the overall intention of the collected data is to respond to a question that need specific reasons that cannot be measured.

To test the validity and reliability of the collected data, the Independent T-Test will be used which is a statistical test that is used to test the difference that exists between the same variable but from different populations (Kim, 2015). It is a fact that in this case, the main focus in testing disciplinary practices and why they differ in terms of intensity between African American mothers and African American fathers. The statistical test is easy to use and have potential of giving reliable and accurate results. The more reason is that it is a statistical test helps to tell about each group being investigated in the research and by offering specific results, it would be easy to…