child development paper

“Hot Topic” 400-500 word review of a particular research area that summarize finding from at least 3 empirical articles. Paper title is ” Top # reasons for ___”or “A step by step guide for ___”

* Articles must focus on a topic from child development.

SHOULD INCLUDE: a title, APA style citations and references, and a relevant picture
Top 6 Reasons to Let Your Kids Play Sports

Whether it’s soccer, baseball, or dance, here are 6 reasons to get your kid moving.

1. It keeps them active- A 2012 study suggested that obesity rates would drop about 26% if every adolescent was involved in at least 2 sports (Drake et al.,2012). While this statistic is focusing on teens, it is important to remember that good habits start early. If a child starts playing a sport at a young age, they are more likely to stick with it than if they pick it up later in life.

2. It builds self-esteem- Physical activity has also been shown to improve self-esteem. A 2015 study demonstrated a link between athletic competence and self-esteem in children (Noordstar et al., 2015). In addition, since physical activity reduces the risk of obesity as discussed above, the child will likely have a better body image.

3. They learn how to work on a team- No matter what path your child decides to take in life, they will have to be a member of a team at some point- whether it be in school or in the workplace. By introducing your child to sports at an early age, they get more practice working with others to achieve a common goal. This helps improve their communication and problem-solving skills on and off the field.

4. It teaches them self-discipline- When a child gets involved in a sport, discipline becomes even more important. They have to go to practice and listen to their coach to be on the team. But if they want to improve, they must take initiative. For example, a child cannot expect to make more baskets if they only practice for the scheduled hour. By performing drills at home and asking for feedback from parents or coaches, they are reinforcing the behaviors that they are learning.

5. It can improve their academic outcome- While some may think sports will negatively impact their child’s grades, it actually has been shown to give them a boost. A study by the California Department of Education found a significant positive correlation between activity level and academic performance (Winger, 2002).

6. They can have fun- In addition to finding a group of friends they can relate to, they also can pick an activity that they enjoy. However, as a parent, you must be careful to not put too much pressure on their performance. A poll from the National Association of Youth Sports showed that 70% of kids stop playing sports when they are no longer fun (Sullivan, 2015). Sports are supposed to be an outlet for children to enjoy themselves, not one of extreme stress. Everyone wants their children to perform well, but realistically not every kid will go to the Olympics. Put the focus on having fun! This video does a great job explaining how to keep children engaged.

Unsure where to find youth sports programs in your area? Take a look at your local YMCA website to find details and get your kid registered today!


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