Research Methods Discussion


Go to The General Social Survey (Links to an external site.) website and open the GSS Questionnaires.
Open the 2018 Questionnaires (the first part of the Questionnaire is a Table of Contents that lists the questions administered and the respective page for more information).
Select 2 measurements that interest you and can demonstrate how concepts are measured (do not use categorical items, e.g., SEX, ADDRESS, CITY, etc.)

Present the following:

GSS 2018 Ballot 1 – English Questionnaire
Present the 2 Measurements referencing the GSS name, and the prompt, the measurement Categories and the page number.
NATSPAC: Categorical (Single), p. 44
The space exploration program … are we spending too much, too little, or about the right amount on the space exploration program?
– Too little
– About right
– Too much

4. After presenting each set, comment about how the concept/ construct is measured. Propose an alternative way or a better way to measure this?


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