journals for grammar and linguistics

1.Chapter 12 Journal:  First read Chapter 12 in the book Linguistics for Dummies Beginning & Ending: Language Birth and Death. Then complete the journal for this week. For this journal, choose 5 sentences from the chapter that “speak” to you. This means, choose a sentence that surprises you, interests you, resonates with you, or makes you think for some reason. Copy the sentence and provide the page number where you found it, and then write 3-4 sentences explaining why you chose it. You should have 5 sentences with a short paragraph describing why each was important to you.

Here is a link to the pdf for “linguistics for dummies”:

2. Language Birth and Death Summary: For your second assignment this week, find another article or video on the subject of language birth and death. Read the article or watch the video. Cite your source and provide the link to the article/video and provide a (8 sentence minimum) paragraph summary and another paragraph describing what was interesting to you about the video/article.