Popular Music and Globalization

Music is one of the areas of culture. It can influence of cultures and, at the same time, it can be influenced by others through globalization.

Write an insight paper after reading the article entitled, Popular Music and Globalization, which is now available in course materials.

Insight Paper Format


Introductory Paragraph: Context/Background. Your last sentence must be your main point.

Body Paragraph 1 (What have you learned from the reading article? Relate it to your personal experience. Use the pronoun I)

Body Paragraph 2 (A. What is your opinion of the topic? B. Do you agree with the author? If yes, explain why? If not, explain why? Use the pronoun I)

Concluding Paragraph


Use Tahoma #12 all the time.
Always write in double space.
Use Microsoft Word (.docx) as attachment when you submitting. Do not write in the text box itself.
Compose the introduction-body-conclusion format.
The first paragraph is always the introduction and the last paragraph is the conclusion. The body portion may have one or more paragraphs unless you are given special instructions.
Always write a personal title of your essay.
Check the rubric for scoring so that you know how to get the perfect score.
Similarity match is always checked when submitting your essay. Make sure that you should not reach 10%. If you do, then your essay will not be checked. Extend your essay as to lessen the percentage.
The minimum number of words is 300 unless there is a special instruction given.
Submit before the deadline on the proper button or name of the task.
You are not allowed to submit your essays via Blackboard course message.
Violations of the above-mentioned guidelines results to non-checking of your essay. You will automatically get zero.