diversity and inclusion within a medium-sized

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 1. You are a senior director of HR who is directly in charge of issues related to diversity and inclusion within a medium-sized U.S.-based organization. It has come to your attention that there may be some problems surrounding diversity within one of the two major locations, its Philadelphia and Phoenix offices, that the organization operates from. Via an online survey distributed to employees working in both locations, the HR department has gathered ratings of employees’ perceptions of each location’s climate for diversity, defined as the extent to which an organization advocates fair human resource policies and socially integrates underrepresented employees. There are five questions that comprise the diversity climate measure, each of which was rated on a 1 to 7 scale. There were 75 employees who participated from the Philadelphia location and 72 from the Phoenix location.

a. How would you go about analyzing the data to determine whether one location or another seemed to have issues surrounding diversity that might require further investigation and possible intervention?

b. If there were three locations, how would this change your strategic approach to analyzing the data?


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