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Critique of project

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Medical (e.g., medication, health and wellness groups, psychiatrist, and nurse)

The medical department of the adult addiction center will be a very critical art of the addiction center. The medical department will help the center to function because as an addiction center the clients will have to go through detoxify programs and detoxification will need to be managed by medication and medications can only be administered through the medical staff in which will be utilized around the clock at the addiction center.

What is the department’s role within the organization, and what are its responsibilities?

The medical department is made up of medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, Psychotherapist, Detox specialist and professional addiction specialist role within the organization is to provide the clients with nu. The role of the medical department is to make sure that the clients can be or remain healthy while getting treatment and after treatment. The counselors would be responsible for making sure that the clients are getting a good treatment plan.

What are the client needs or services that are addressed by this department?

The client’s needs and services that will be addressed by the medical department will be medication administration and the evaluation of receiving medication from the doctors and psychiatrist that are a part of the medical team. Also receiving treatments from the nurses and care staff that work as a part of the medical team is a very important art of the addiction center. The services would also include family, group, and individual counseling. The clients will be provided with life coaches that a certified to help them make and maintain a healthy positive lifestyle.

What individuals and resources are needed to provide those services?

Some of the resources that may be needed are group and individual counseling. There also may be medications that have to be administered depending on the client’s condition or needs. Some of the other that may be needed to provide these services is around the clock nurses and care staff to provide medication and treatment as needed to the clients. Also other resources that may be used are game rooms and TV rooms to have a more social environment. The clients will need to use clinical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, psychotherapist, and detoxify specialist treatment programs are provided within the treatment center. Detoxification also requires that the patient be under the care of a qualified medical professional, during between and aftercare.


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